Our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy represents Evebyte’s real commitment to respect and protect any data or personal information of users of the www.evebyte.com website, its derivative websites, and Evebyte mobile and desktop applications (from now on referred to as the “website”). This Privacy Policy (together with the Terms & Conditions and other information listed on the website) establishes the basis for obtaining, collecting, processing, analysing, displaying, sending, opening, storing, changing, deleting, and any other form of management related to data or information that can be used to identify users to be provided to Evebyte or that Evebyte obtains from Users or third parties (from now on referred to as “Personal Data”). The user states that each User’s Personal Data is accurate and valid by clicking “Register” or a similar statement available on the website registration page. The user admits that he has been informed and understands Privacy Policy’s provisions. The user consents to Evebyte obtaining, collecting, processing, analysing, displaying, transmitting, opening, storing, modifying, deleting, managing, and using the data for the reasons mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

A. User Personal Data Acquisition and Collection

Evebyte collects User Personal Data for processing User activities, controlling and expediting the website’s use, and other reasons permitted by applicable laws and regulations. The following user data was collected:

Data submitted by the user independently, including but not limited to data submitted when the user:

  1. Creating or updating an Evebyte account, including the user’s username, email address, phone number, password, mobile number, nationality, photo, and other identifying information;
  2. Contacting Evebyte, including through customer service;
  3. Engaging with other users through the website’s message features, device marketplace, email messages (as described in the Terms of Service), and other interactive (one-way or two-way) features contained on the website and applications;
  4. Using the website’s services, including detailed transaction data such as work transactions, work activities, transaction dates and times, and other transaction details;
  5. Entering payment data when users do payment transaction activities through the website, including but not limited to bank account data, credit cards, instant payments, internet banking, etc;
  6. Using website features that require permission to access relevant data on the user’s device.

Data recorded when a user using the website, including but not limited to:

  1. Precise or estimated location data, such as IP address, Wi-Fi location, and geolocation;
  2. Data in the form of the time of each User activity related to the website’s use, such as the time of registration, login, and transactions;
  3. User usage data or preferences include the user’s website interactions, saved options, and selected settings. Those data were obtained from cookies, pixel tags, fingerprints, and similar technologies are used to create and preserve a unique identity;
  1. Device data, such as the type of device used to access the website, and its hardware model, operating system and version, software, IMEI number, file name and version, unique device identifier, advertising identifier, serial number, device movement information, and/or mobile network information;
  2. Log data, including records on servers that receive data such as device IP addresses, date and time of access, application features or pages viewed, application work processes and other system activity, type of browser, and/or the website or third-party services used by Users before engaging with the website.

Other sources of data obtained, but are not limited to:

  1. Geolocation (GPS) data and device activity that assists Evebyte in developing and offering services to Users and other partners on the website.
  2. Email address, a phone number, a name, a gender, and/or a date of birth data, where the user creates or accesses the Evebyte account, such as social media services or websites/applications that use the application programming interface (API) Evebyte or Evebyte;
  3. Data obtained from financial service providers (such as paypal); and/or
  4. Email data obtained from marketing service providers

Evebyte can combine data obtained from these sources with data it already possesses.

B. Personal Data Usage

Evebyte may use Personal Data gathered and collected from users as described in the preceding section for the following purposes:

Processing all requests, activities, and transactions made by users through the website, including providing work-worthiness assessment services to users.

Provision of features for providing, realising, maintaining, and improving our products and services, such as:

  • Offering, acquiring, providing, or facilitating micro-jobs services such as homepages, searches, ads, job recommendations, Evebyte Feeds, or other items through the website;
  • Allowing features to personalise User Evebyte accounts, such as device activity, IP address, and device identity; and/or
  • Performing internal activities required to provide services on Evebyte’s website/application, such as troubleshooting software, bugs, and operational issues, carrying out data analysis, testing, researching, monitoring and analysing usage and activity trends.
  • Aiding users in communicating with Evebyte Customer Service, including:
  • Examining and resolving user problems;
  • Forwarding user questions to the appropriate customer service officers to resolve problems;
  • Monitoring and amending Evebyte’s customer service responses;
  • Contacting users through email, phone, and other communication methods, including but not limited to assisting and/or completing the work process or problem-solving process, and delivering news or other notifications regarding the protection of User’s Personal Data by Evebyte, including User Personal Data protection failures;
  • Using information obtained from users for research, analysis, product development, and testing purposes in order to improve the security of services on the website and develop new features and products; and informing users about products, services, promotions, research, surveys, news, the latest developments, events, and
  • Using information obtained from Users for research, analysis, product development, and testing purposes to improve the security of the website’s services and to develop new features and products; and
  • Informing users about products, services, promotions, studies, surveys, news, the latest developments, events, and other information through the website and other media. Evebyte also can use the information to promote and process contests and sweepstakes, award prizes, and provide relevant advertisements and content regarding Evebyte’s services.
  • Monitoring or investigating suspicious activity or transactions that appear to contain elements of fraud or violations of the Terms and Conditions or applicable legal provisions, and then take the required actions in response to the results of the monitoring or investigation.
  • Evebyte may be required to use or disclose User Personal Data for law enforcement purposes or to fulfil the requirements and obligations of applicable laws and regulations in certain situations, including in the event of a dispute or legal process between the User and Evebyte, or the event of suspected criminal acts such as fraud or data theft.
  • Fulfilling the requirements and obligations of the applicable tax rules and regulations;
  • Facilitating merger transactions, sale of firm assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing or acquisition involving Evebyte.

C. User Personal Data Disclosure

Evebyte is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of User Personal Data under its control and promises that no User Personal Data is disclosed, sold, transferred, distributed, or lent to third parties without the user’s agreement, save in the following cases:

  • It is required to disclose User Personal Data to partners or other third parties who assist Evebyte in offering available or future services on the website and processing all kinds of User activity on the website, such as processing transactions, validating payments, promotions, and worker appraisal.
  • Under the terms of the User Agreement, Evebyte may provide User Personal Data to business partners in order for them to use business partner services, such as applications or other websites that have integrated APIs or services, or business partners with whom Evebyte has collaborated to organise promotions, competitions, or services specifically available on the website.
  • Evebyte may disclose User Personal Data to third parties who use and integrate public APIs provided by Evebyte (including, but not limited to, business partner service providers of Evebyte) with applications or websites they operate in order to complete transactions between Buyers and Sellers on the website or for other purposes mentioned in Part B of this Privacy Policy.
  • In order to solve difficulties or address other issues, communication between Evebyte’s business partners (such as payment and other service features or facility providers) and Users is essential.
  • In the context of marketing activities carried out by third parties, improving and maintaining the quality of Evebyte’s services and other publication activities, Evebyte may provide User Personal Data to vendors, consultants, marketing partners, firms/research institutions, or similar service providers.
  • Users contact Evebyte via public media such as blogs, social media, and specific features on the website, where the communication between the User and Evebyte is visible and known to the broader public.
  • Evebyte may share User Personal Data with its subsidiaries and affiliates in order for them to offer services or process data for and on behalf of Evebyte.
  • Evebyte shares User Personal Data to comply with legal obligations and/or in response to a valid request from law enforcement or a state administrative body.
  • Evebyte will/may need to disclose User Personal Data to third-party service providers, agents and/or affiliates or firms affiliated to Evebyte and/or other third parties located outside the territory in connection with the disclosure of User Personal Data as indicated above. Third-party service providers, agents, affiliates, associated firms, and/or other third parties will only handle and/or use User Personal Data in connection with one or more of the objectives specified in this Privacy Policy and within statutory provisions. Laws that apply.

D. Cookies

  • Cookies are small files that are automatically placed on the user’s device and serve the purpose of storing the user’s preferences and configurations while visiting a website.
  • These cookies are not meant to be used for accessing data on the user’s device that is not what the user has agreed to submit.
  • Even though the user’s device receives cookies automatically, the user can make changes through the user’s browser settings by selecting to refuse cookies (this option can hinder the optimal availability of Evebyte services when the user accesses the website).
  • Evebyte uses Google Analytics Demographics and Interest. Evebyte will utilise the data obtained via these features, such as the user’s age, gender, interests, and other information that can identify Users, to create features, facilities, and/or content on the Evebyte website. If the user does not want Google Analytics to track his data, he can instal the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On.
  • Evebyte may employ third-party features to improve the services and content of Evebyte, such as analysing, customising, and displaying adverts to each user based on interest or visit history. If the user does not want the ad to be displayed based on these settings, the user can disable it in the browser.

E. User Choice and Transparency

  • Mobile devices (Android) typically include settings that prevent the Evebyte application from accessing particular data without the user’s permission. When the Evebyte application is loaded for the first time, the Android device will alert the user. The user is deemed to have given his consent to the collection and use of the User’s Personal Data on his device by using the application and allowing access to the application.
  • Employers and Employees (as defined in the Terms and Conditions) can offer assessments and reviews of each other once a job transaction through the website is successful. With the user’s permission, this information may be made public.
  • User cannot access or update information such as email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, gender, address lists, or payment methods through the website’s settings function without the permission of Evebyte.
  • User can use the website’s settings function to opt-out of receiving information or notifications in bulletins, reviews, job discussions, private messages, or private messages from the Admin provided by Evebyte. Evebyte can still send messages or emails with job descriptions or User account details.
  • User can contact Evebyte to withdraw consent for the acquisition, gathering, storage, management, and use of User data as long as it does not conflict with the existing laws and regulations. If this occurs, the user acknowledges the implications, including the inability to utilise website services or other Evebyte services.

F. User Personal Data Security, Storage, and Deletion

  • Evebyte safeguards each User’s Personal Data in its system against unauthorised access, use, modification, retrieval, and/or disclosure by employing a variety of security mechanisms and procedures, including the user’s password.
  • User Personal Data may also be stored or processed outside the country by third-party service providers, partners, or affiliates of Evebyte. In this scenario, Evebyte will ensure that the Personal Data is still protected under the Privacy Policy’s promises.
  • While Evebyte has made every effort to secure and protect User Personal Data, please remember that data transfer over the Internet is never entirely secure. As a result, Evebyte cannot guarantee the security of data submitted or sent to Evebyte by the user, and the user bears the risk of providing information.
  • Evebyte will erase and/or anonymise User Personal Data under its control if it is no longer required to fulfil the purpose of its collection; and (ii) storage is no longer required for compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Other parties, including authorised state administration agencies, may still have access to parts of the User’s Personal Data. Assume we share User Personal Data with authorised state administrative agencies and/or other organisations with whom the competent government may designate or collaborate Evebyte. In that scenario, Users accept and recognise that these agencies’ storage of User Personal Data shall adhere to their respective data storage policies. Each of these organisations.

G. User Personal Data Access and Correction or Consent Withdrawal

Evebyte takes reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of User Personal Data processing. However, the user must promptly notify Evebyte of any changes punctually to the User’s Personal Data or if there is an error in the User’s Personal Data that is under Evebyte’s control.

The user has the right to access or update the User’s Personal Data that is in Evebyte’s control through the customer service offered in this Privacy Policy. However, Evebyte will only process the application if the user has provided appropriate proof of identity to view or modify the data. If permitted or required by relevant laws, Evebyte reserves the right to refuse requests to access or correct part or all of the User’s Personal Data that Evebyte holds or controls.

This includes circumstances where the Personal Data may contain references to other persons or requests for access or corrections for reasons that Evebyte deems irrelevant, not serious, or troublesome.

This includes situations in which the Personal Data may contain references to other individuals, requests for access, or changes that Evebyte deems irrelevant, trivial, or burdensome.

To handle User requests to access or update User Personal Data, Evebyte may charge Users administration fees. The user may withdraw the consent that the user has provided for processing the User’s Personal Data that is under the control of Evebyte by contacting the Evebyte customer service specified in this Privacy Policy. Evebyte will process the user’s request within a reasonable time after the request to withdraw consent was filed and will not process the User’s Personal Data in the future unless compelled by applicable laws and regulations. If consent is withdrawn, Evebyte may be unable to carry out its duties under any agreement between User and Evebyte. In this regard, there is also the potential that if Evebyte can’t carry out its obligations due to the user’s withdrawal of consent, any legal connection between the User and Evebyte will terminate and can’t be continued.

H. Complaints about User Data Protection

User can contact Evebyte through Evebyte customer service or the contact Evebyte listed in this Privacy Policy, explaining the identity and nature of the user’s complaint when user has concerns about Evebyte’s handling or treatment of the User’s Personal Data, or when the user believes that his privacy has been violated.

Evebyte shall investigate the user’s complaint and make every effort to reply within a reasonable time after receiving it.

I. Contact Us

User can contact Evebyte customer care at https://www.evebyte.com/contact when user has questions, comments, complaints, or claims about this Privacy Policy or wants to gain access to and/or make changes to his Personal Data

J. Data Retention, Data Subject Requests, and Information Deletion

  • Evebyte will keep information for as long as the user account remains active under applicable legal rules.
  • Users can submit subject-data requests to Evebyte, which can be viewed in its entirety HERE.
  • Users can request that their personal information be deleted using the Evebyte and Evebyte mobile applications, which will be regularly opened and can be viewed in in their entirety HERE.
  • Evebyte will respond to the data subject’s request under the rules of the applicable legal regulations.
  • Evebyte will process the data subject’s request under the applicable legal regulations.

K. Privacy Policy Revision

Evebyte may change or update this Privacy Policy at any moment in order to comply with laws, regulations, and internal corporate policies. Any changes and/or updates to this Privacy Policy will be notify to the user by Evebyte.

Last updated 25 December 2022